Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 12 Blog

When I saw the title Cowboy Chicken, I was extremely curious to see what the story could be about. As I read the title seemed obvious as to what it was about, but for some reason I was expecting something different. I found it so interesting to see the different outlooks on the "American way". It seemed to be so interesting how it was so divided.

For me, the food that Cowboy Chicken served was so normal to me, but for the Chinese it was so abnormal. This is such a simple concept but the way that Ha Jin wrote it made it much more interesting.

One thing I realized after I read it, is that although it was written in English, the characters spoke about how they didn't know english. They would speak in English and then say that they didn't know what it meant such as when Mr. Shapiro said, "Let me tell you, you are all terminated!" Later he had to have the word terminated written again so he could figure out the meaning. He then said that it was unnecessary to write the explanation mark, he understood.

They Chinese viewed the American way of business as new, interesting, and different. They wanted to take note and copy they way, although some opposed. I loved reading how they reacted to the buffet. They truly were amazed at the concept of the buffet. They gorged and stuffed their faces.

Capitalism is a common theme. "Everyone was infuriated, and even the two part-times couldn't stop cursing capitalism." It seemed to create anger in all Chinese.

gall- Bold, impudent behavior

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